A croft is not a house but a piece of agricultural land regulated by the Crofting Commission.

Crofts originate from large estates and are usually rented by the crofting tenant from the landowner. Over time there has been an increase in owner-occupied crofts, which have been bought from the crofting landlord.

Crofting law - while related to residential property law generally - has its own complex rules and procedures to follow. Middleton Ross deal with these on a daily basis and can assist in the numerous aspects to managing a croft, including:

  • Purchasing using a Tenant’s Right to Buy
  • Registration in the Crofting Register
  • Common Grazings
  • Crofter Forestry
  • Resumption Orders
  • De-crofting
  • Clawback securities
  • Community Right to Buy

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